Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lost In The Wild

No food, nothing at all, and stuck on this wasteland of an island. I need fresh water to survive. Have to find a way to NOT die. As shadows creep across the vines, noises scream in the distance. I have to get out of here. Time to search for somewhere high to camp, DON’T want to be dinner for those that live here.


All aboard the plane please it is time for take off. “Come on son time for a new start” said Christopher. As his son William skipped onto the plane he was thinking about the new life living in Canada. The plane went flashing off the ground “goodbye New York” (half hour later) William was looking out of the window “dad it doesn't look good out there” as William warned.
This is your captain here please sit down we have hit a storm. Sit back and relax. As the plane was trying to fly through the storm cloud one of the engine's on the plane got hit by a flashing bolt of lighting everyone we are going to have a hard landing sit back and remain calm.

Only five people survived the cash, it brought horror to all of their families, As people struggled to drag themselves out of the flames, Christopher was lifting parts of the plane to find William. As he was trying to find William two men came out of nowhere and help him “my name is James and my name is Max, you look like you could use some help” he said. “Yes please” Christopher said crying. When James was lifting he heard some noises coming from under the front. HELP HELP! it was the captain “Thanks...” “have you seen a little boy?” said Chris but a boy fell out of the plane when we cashed.

Christopher went looking for his son he was running for hour’s as he started to walk it look like he had given up until...

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lost In The Wild

No food, and stuck in this overloaded pig cage. I need fresh water to survive. Have to find a way to NOT die. As shadows creep across the vines, noises scream in the distance. I have to get out of here. Time to search for somewhere high to camp, DON’T want to be dinner for those that live here.


Can everyone board the  plane please it is time for take off. “Come on son time for a new start” said Christopher. As his son William skip into the plane he was thinking about the new life living in  Canada. The plane went flashing off the ground “goodbye New York”( half hour later) William was looking out of the window “dad it doesn't look good” out there as William warned.
This is your caption here please sit down we have hit a storm. Sit back and relax. As the plane was trying to fly thru the storm cloud one of the engine's on the plane got hit by a flashing bolt of lighting everyone we are going to have a hard landing sit back please.

Only five people survive the cash and it brought horror to all of them. As people struggled to drag themselves out of the flame Christopher was lifting parts of the plane to find William as he was trying to find William two men came and help him “my name is James and my name is Max what some help” they said yes please Christopher said crying. When James was lifting he heard some noise coming from under the front. HELP HELP it was the captain thanks “have you seen a little boy” said Christopher no but a boy fell out of the plane when we cash.

Christopher went looking for his son he was running for hour’s as he started to walk it look like he had given up in too he saw.

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED     





Wednesday, November 14, 2012


                                Years ago on 1976, There was once was someone called  James, he really good at High jump until he got injured from one of his jumps he did over the pool. James was only 18 when he hurt himself from when he sprang off the ground to land on the mat.

After 3 year was gone James deceased that he would get back into High Jump. It took him along time to get the technique back together. James took about seven months to become a pro After winning and winning he finally went to the finals.

As his family and friends was shouting his name GO GO GO JAMES, GO. All the presser was on him this is his chance to win the semi finals. If he wins this, he will be his way to pro.

But all of a sudden, He felt something wrong with him. James went to the Medical, They said, OH!  there a problem in your leg what he said as he was hoping he could still compete in the finals.

James yawed “ that he would never give up, I CAN DO IT!” It was his turn, the crowd cheer for him. GO James! With a lot of pressure, james ran and jump. Everyone was silent, what a surprise, he made it, “OMG I made it” claimed James.

As he walk on podium and was presented his shiny gold medal. What achievement he has done. The crowd clap for he had did.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Footsteps in the sand

Snowflake swinging through the sky. “BRRRRRRRR”, replied Sherman breathing heavily.

“ I'm surely looking forward to that honeymoon” , Sherman pointed out to his wife.

As he and his wife, Olivia, were boarding a plane.

Them 2 were thinking of the bright unclouded beach, the beautiful sand and all the rest and relaxation that they were about to have. The minute Sherman was strolling through the sand he looked around and saw that there was not a cloud in sight.

While Sherman was climbing up the great mountain of sunset he stop and looked at the amazing sun going to sleep behind the mountain. while he was dazzling at the sun set he suddenly remembered that he had left Olivia behind.

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME !!! Hinted Olivia HELP HELP as Sherman was at the nice and harmful beach and Olivia was at China.

Sherman took the first plane to china and tried to find his one of a kind wife. He found her nearby and took her home and she said this is the only honeymoon I need.

Him and his wife promise to never leave each others back any more.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Lost And Found Beach

It all started in 1998 as more and more people got lost in the so called beach so they named the beach lost and found.

Sun shining and no cloud in the sky,  as hard working dad, James and his son Tyson was going to beach... As soon as they got there, the first thing that dad and Tyson did was just laid down and relax.

On the next day they all unpack their stuff, and a random person came and walked along the sand.Tyson said “ hey you, what your name?”  

My name is Jack I just live across the road. I’m from a very large family, I grew up with my brother Nate and sister Aquata and our Mother and Father split up a while back when we were young.

Well early that day Jack and Tyson, were swimming at the beach, now they became really close mates. Tyson knew that he has forgotten something, but he just couldn’t figure it out.”let go and get change,” Exclaimed  Tyson.  

Tyson remember that he had to go and fix the water tank as him and Jack raced to his house. Tyson suddenly fell and smack his head on a rock. .His best mate Jack was calling for help as the house was filling with water.

HELP HELP said Jack When Tyson was laying in the sand he was dreaming that he was on the ground. WAKE UP  WAKE UP wept James. Come on time to go home James and Jack pick up Tyson took him home what a day everyone said.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My Thoughts For Term 4

Hi my name is Carlos Sankey, and for this term we are studying a topic about toy story. It is Mostly about a favorite  toy you got when you were a little chump up to your age now and sharing the stories that are behind our toy. My thoughts for this term is that it is going to be a hard working term and interesting too. I am looking forward to work hard and to try accomplish my work in time.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Life ( REPOST)

It all started when I was born on the 8.8.2000 I was warm as a apple pie my mum made me a book when I first knew I was alive I was so happy I loved my mum and my family.In my life I have four brothers and one sister, my mum is a hard worker my dad I haven't seen for five years .I have had a great time with my family the most have cared about is my mum and my grandma.  On my 5th birthday I had my best friends over my house I got a toy truck it was so cool.
On my 10th birthday I got some money and some cool shoes.

Every year we have an awesome time down in Huntly I have great friends and whanau. I had a horse her name was Jewels she won the huntly olympics day there were about 50 horses. But ...... we came first it was so wonderful I won a year time things from the shop and Jewels won year time of horse food it was so cool.

After that the most thing I like to do with my family is to have a good day at the beach sun shining and having a picnic. My grandma makes the best seafood chowder I can have about three bowls it is so nice. My dream is to go to London and have a nice lunch at the Eiffel tower meat veggies and some chocolate my favorite and with my family we will go to Italy and have a ride on a fairly it is going to be awesome.

Friday, September 21, 2012


On the way to school I was so excited that I could've jumped out of the car and dashed down the road. I felt like I could have beaten Usain Bolt. Want to know why I was so excited? It was social night!!! Our Social is when all the intermediate kids have an awesome night dancing and having fun with their friends. 

When I arrived outside of the school, the music sounded so slow and sad, BUT... when we got inside it started pumping the notes into my ears. I walked in and I could feel the beat making movements in my feet and then I started to fist pump.

As I was dancing my stomach started to rumble. I was so hungry that I could've eaten a whole pig. I started to get so thirsty that I could’ve swallowed a whole lake. After a short while I heard Mrs Tela’a say it was time to eat. “YES YES!” I shouted in my mind.

After I ate, it was time to party. Then I started to pump it. As I was jumping down it was time for the dougie battle and my friends Jephte, Nezinli and Mary competed. It was an awesome battle! Jephte came in with his set of moves and then Nez wads up and then finally Mary. It was cool, but there could only be one winner... Nezinli!

I was having so much fun. I reckon it was the best thing I have done but let me tell you, I was looking forward to some sleep. When I got home I jumped in my bed and fell asleep. It was an awesome night.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adams regains her gold( Repost)

Suddenly kiwi Valerie Adams who placed second at the London Olympics made her way to the top with the help of Nadzeya Ostapchuk the gold shot putter who was test for drugs and testing positive. Also had been banned from the olympics for four years and was banned from the next olympics at Beijing. Valerie Adams was more than proud to take the gold medal out of her hands.

Valerie Adams was stoak to hear she was the one who won. I reckon that if Nadzeya Ostapchuk did not take drugs she would've had a great time inseat lying to win that is not taking charge. The gold medal has been given to the international olympic committee ready to be given to kiwi Valerie Adams. Nadzeya was feeling so anger when she got caught there can only be one winner and senterly  is not her.

Between June 12 and July 18 year, Ostapchuk threw over 21m regularly, including a best of 21.58m and back-up throws of 21.39m and 21.13m.

Hope you enjoyed it

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Amazing Weeks At Tech Repost

On every Tuesday, we have an exciting day at Tamkin College. Every year 7 is always looking forward to tech, there is food, woodcraft and electronics. When We first heard we where going to tech ohh man I just wanted to dash down the road and I was so happy I was Jumping so high. LET,S GO  LET,S GO shouting from the top of my head. I wonder what one I'm going to be in frist. I hope it is going to be woodcraft no even better food all of the cake the chocolate on your mouth I could imagine it now.

I reckon the best one we were in was food because we made something every week and it was so nice. Miss Heka was our food teacher,  We were going to make hot cakes hot cakes is like little pan cakes. YUM YUM YUM as my stomach started to rumble. When we were making it  I couldn't wait. I could just eat the dow I was so hunger. After we made it we had to sprinkle chocolate on it. It was so so yum it melt in my mouth it was like a chocolate angles dancing on my mouth.

The nexts one I was in was woodcraft or teacher was Mr Gurnd he was a very strict teacher. We had a choice of a lot of things to make I made a truck. It was so awesome in his class I got a score of 5 that was the highest mark in the class.When it was the last week of class I made me a little sigh that said woodcraft rocks and it look so cool my hand felt very sore after the hard work

The last one was electronics we just changed last week we got told what we could use and not use it is so cool at tech

Friday, August 31, 2012

Prize Giving

On Saturday I woke up  with a chummy chum smile on my face it was Prize Giving today as I smiled. I dashed to the washing line and tagged my track suit off. Ten minutes to go my nana diver me there I run upstairs just in time I said. There were about 50 people there even my old teacher from school Mr Lamer. It went the under 6 first then the under 7,10,11 then the under 12 I was in the under 12.

I was so scare that I was biting my nails half way off. It was making it’s way thru the list finally they said mind. I ran up to the stage and shake my cocher hand. Then it was time for the jowthors I got most improved player I was so happy I was saying in my head O HE O HA O HA
We had to wait for a little time to eat

As I went outside my coach said time to eat it was so yum there were I had a choice of ice cream potato gayer pork duck it was so nice I had about 5 plants I know I should be  fat about now. After that it time to go I was looking forward for a sleep and I did

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Amazing Birthday

I was woken up with excitement, then my mum emerged out of the kitchen and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY! I was so happy, I ran down the hallway and yelled it’s my birthday O YEAH AHA AHA!. I was finally 12 years old. Then I got ready for school, after school it was a wonderful day so I went home and got ready for my birthday. As people came in there said happy birthday to me “Time for ice cream my mum said”

YUM Ice cream when my mum said we were going to make  ice cream my tummy started to ramble.Well when we were waiting my mum gave me a big bag with biscuits I had to smash it into smithereens . That was for our ice cream. By one by one my nana gave people scoops of ice cream. I was the last one but I didn't mined.

When my 
nana gave me a scoop of ice cream it was so big then I found out I had to put it on my hands. It felt like my hands being in a iceberg. After I got my ice cream I had to go outside to go and put some smash biscuits on it. There was different sized ice cream then some of my ice cream dripped through my fingers. “SO SO SO cold as I yelled” but then my brother Vincent put ice cream on my head it was not funny. That ice cream was so yum I had some more.

I went scavenging for more but there was none at the end of that their was shattered biscuits pieces everywhere. Then my mum gave me my prized to me I got new shoes from my nana and from my mum I got some money. As well it was a good day.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Olympic Sports

The thing I like about the Olympics that in my family we all sit in one place and which it like a family. My favorite sport in the Olympics is weight lifting because I like to see who is stronger than others   and how much their lift. Weight lifting  was made at 1906) from the finder himself José Alvalade. They even had a football stadium named after him. It was built in 2003 6 of August at Lisbon, Portugal. It cost over 105 millions of dollars. The Olympics happen every four years the last Olympics were on my birthday August the 8.
My second one I like is the 1500m run the one who was the fastest in the world was but he died of lung cancer. The one who is the fastest in the world now is Usain Bolt now.
                                       Thank You For Reading This

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life Ed Bus

On Friday we went to the life E.D bus, Before we did anything we said hello to the life ed bus owner and her name is Lyn. We talked about how smoking is bad for you. We watched a video of a girl that let her friends get her into smoking and take advantage of her. After that we had a game where we had to pick a county to go to, I picked Australia. When we finished we answered some questions about what we did when there was consequences. 
They also taught us how there could be good or bad consequences in your life.

There is 85% of teenagers in the world that start smoking in the age of 15. When you smoke it can go in your lungs to your brain and give you lung cancer. That's why if your mum or dad is smoking around you, say, go smoke some where ales. Then we talk about which dugs are legal in New Zealand

To finish it of Lyn let Harold sing a song it was so interesting and awesome. When it had finish we said bye to Lny and went back to class how great was that I said to my self. When we got back to class I write this pices.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The world's fastest man Jesse Owens

The world's fastest man Jesse Owens came from 1932 through 1934.He became the first man to win the NCAA 200 m title three times consecutively. NCAA stands for  National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)  Again in the 100 meters at the 1936 Summer Olympics, placing second to Jesse Owens. In 1936 Jesse Owens became the first American to win four Olympic gold ... His name and achievements in sprinting have earned him the media ... Usain Bolt is also, widely considered "The Fastest Man who Ever Lived. But then he ended his career by dieing at the age of 66 from lung cancer. Jesse Owens was born September 12, 1913, in Oakville, Alabama. In high school, he won three track and field events at the 1933 National Interscholastic championships. Two years later, while competing for Ohio state University, he equaled one world record and broke three others. WE WILL REMEMBER HIM AS THE FASTEST MAN IN THE WORLD

Friday, July 20, 2012

Being Back At School

After the holidays finished and it was time for school I was wondering what our topic was for this term. When I was told,it was GO FOR GOLD, I was so surprised because it was all about the Olympics. The Olympics is all about people all around the world going to one place to do challenges. As you know this year, the Olympics are in London were the royal Queen lives.

When we sat down I saw Mr J in a S.W.A.T. costume. It looked so cool . After that we sat down and watch the movies that the teachers had made. My favorite one was Lights Out Lavakula. Because my teacher Mr Barks went on the stage and had a boxing match  with her. Our teacher total  lost his lights and finished with a big laugh from all the kids in the front.

The thing that I enjoy about the most was that I was back at school to learn and play games. When I first got to school I jump on to the computer and did my maths whizz for the day.Thank you for reading this and hope you comment on my blog.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

London 2012 Olympic rings

Today when I was coming to school I was thinking what our topic was this term when I heard that it was GO FOR GOLD I was so stock because it was all about the Olympic. The Olympics are celebrated every four years for well set ethlick that has practice for the exhausted

challenges. I know everything about the rings. The five rings represent the five major regions of the world. Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Every national flag in the world includes at least one of the five colors, which are from (left to right) blue, yellow, black, green, and red. The creator of the olympics rings is Baron Pierre. The five Olympic rings colors represent five countries. On behalf of Europe blue, yellow on behalf of Asia, black Africa representatives,on behalf of Australian grass green red and representatives of the Americas.

My goal for this term is that I have to get faster because I am so slow I am always losing at running with my friends that is why I want to get faster. My dream is to go to the olmpic to run the 1500 M run

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Immortal vs God

                  Chapter 1
       Birth Of An Immortal God
Years and years ago lived a peaceful world of immortals and gods. Immortals lived up in the castle of Olivia, the cloud lord. The gods lived  on the earth that Lord Axe owned. One day, the lords made a law that said that no immortals or gods could be together  for  eternity. However, there was one couple that could not stand that law ,so they stayed together. Their names were Occult and Stacy. One day, Occult and Stacy had a child and they called him Troy. Occult was worried! Troy was very sick with influenza and his parents were afraid he might die. Stacy cried, and cried, and cried. But reader, Troy did not die, and this is his story.  
                                           Chapter 2
                      The death of Occult

10 years later
Dong dong “time for a god and an immortals meeting” said the guard's. Before for occult went, he ask one of their friends what is the meeting about? His friend Jourd said “there’s one couple that is together one of them are an god and the other is an immortals I hate immortals”he said.Occult was a bit worried but he still went.Once all of the gods and immortals all line up,there started to talk about
!scream Olivia, the cloud lord one of yours over lord pigs have broken the law you will die who was it tell  me now or  you will submit to your death. Occult new if he did not tell ,other people will get killed all  because of him. Occult stand it up “I am the pig that broke  the law kill me just don’t hurt them” said Occult. “what a brave man” said lord Olivia. Put him in the locks. We kill at the nic of noon. “You should be ashamed of yourself” said someone from the back. “Now all  the thing you have to do now is to tell me who is the other one” said lord Olivia. NEVER he said.
Well hope you go straight to hell .17 hours later  BRRRRRRRR BRRRRRRR morning everyone up now time for the execution chop his head. CHOP CHOP CHOP from the crowd. When Occult was going to die Stacy and troy was at home filling with tears, and troy was anger he pulled his dad sword out that he had been working on all these years for him. “I will revenge you farther!” said troy the son of Occult Drop the “wait don’t kill him put in the dangan for his whole life” said lord Olivia.
                                            chapter 3
           Revenge of Occult

    15 years later
smash smash smash “how long do I have to hit this” said Luke “into its straight” said troy.We want a great battle. When troy got brought up he had a childhood friend Luke. They were best friends.Luke mother was taken by lord  Olivia one day Luke said do his father “I Luke your son will burn that overlord dark devil” said Luke. Well the next day Luke got together and join Troy with their quest
They planned a war for years. When they both grow up they found some friends who ales fathers and mothers who had got taken from the evil hog. They were 123 of brave men, who want revenge to their fathers and mothers.Olivia will submit to her death! seram troy we will  chop her head off and put it on a spare.YAAAAAAAAAAAA. As night noon troy and the rest hide behind the great mountain of  legend.  We shall be known for this. For your family for the people out there who got hunt down and  slaved  Olivia you shall suffer to their death.
Many brave men died, this was the great troy battle troy and luke got their mother and fathers back,  and only 52 men got their mothers and fathers back and shall the 71 men that died rest in peace.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Being in Glee

I am so happy that I am in glee. Glee is a very good thing to do, you can do breakdance, singing, hip hop and rap. When I go to glee our teachers Pa and Jerome teach us some moves like a 7, A 7 is like a handstand but you make a 7 with your legs. Pa is a breakdancer and Jerome is a teck dancer.  When I first came to glee we had to trail to see how good we were. I made into hip hop. My best thing I can do is pop, pop is when you pop your chest and your body out fast. We go to glee on Thursdays and Fridays to practices our set. If you know glee it’s hard work sometimes Miss M brings fruit to eat. I kinda know how to do a backflip and a front flip. When I grow up I am going to be like Pa and Jerome . We are called BBOYS

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My favorite place

In Room 18 we have to pick our favorite place to draw in a way of an artiest . I pick this as my favorite place, because every year my family goes down for a nice BBQ. After that we go and sit under the big tree and we all talk about the good thing that happen in our lives. We mostly talk about our family and our friends. When we all have had a turn, we all go and have a nice refreshing swim down in the water. Sometimes we go and jump off the big rocks that are there. When we go down there my mum goes and makes the best muscle chowed ever. When we finish eating we have to wait for a little bit. My uncles put up the volley ball net so we can play. I am always on my mums side because they always win. Sometimes I don't play volley ball I go and play soccer with my cousins Seth, Dylan and my brother Vincent. When we play I am always with my brother Vincent. We win most of the games that we play. Then we all go home.

I pick Picasso because he paints from dark and then makes it light.When he paints a tree he paints it some parts little and the another big and that's why.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My friends repost

 Well I have just read my story it has so many errors so this is are repost of my story.

My friends are the best, they will do anything to make me safe when I am in trouble they help me not to get in trouble again. When you need help your friends are always there no matter what.
I have a really great friend, his name is Raihan he helps me in class. Sometimes I say I am better then him at drawing but I'm not. Mostly every day we go and play soccer for fun after that we go and jump over things around the school. Raihan and I are in the same class, room 18 our teacher is Mr barks.Raihan and I are in the same soccer team Papatoe dragons last week I score a goal same as Raihan too. Raihan and I walk around the school sometimes he is a bit of a joker, like this What's Jackie Chan favorited drink? WATER . Well now you know about my friend.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

  My friends are the best there will do anything to make me safe when I am in trouble they help me not to get in trouble again. When you need help your friend is always there no matter what.
I have a really great friend and his name is Raihan he help me in class sometimes I say I am better then him at drawing but i'm not. Mostly every day we play soccer for fun after that we go and jump over thing around the school. Me and him are in the same class our teacher is Mr barks he was born in canada. It cool he was born there. In my whole life have never had a canadian. Well thats my story for today

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Hobbies

        My hobbies are car's, dirt bikes and motor bikes I only like them because they go really fast and that I like to find out what is the main parts of them. My favourite car is a black and red Bugatti. Did you know Bugatti cars are one of the faster's car's in the world. It has over 750 hoses power just in one car.The people that made these car's must use over 5 million dollers just on one car. But it is kind of woth it.

     Now on to the dirt bike my best one I kown was a honda it is a bit fast but it is good at jumping. I like dirt bikes because the sound of the bike sounds like a strom that is go to happen. when my dad was 24 he had his own his old bike that's why I want one for myself and this my story about my hobbies.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Being in room 18

Hi my name is Carlos, I am in room 18. My teacher is Mr Barks he is the best teacher I have ever had since I have been in this school. If you need help and you're in room 18, Mr Barks is the best person to go to. Plus you have lots and lots of new friends. And its so cool being in our class that we play so many fun games like volleyball' baseball and sometimes capture the flag. Want to know something ales he is also a tall handsome Canadian.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Tamaki college

On friday Mr Barks told us we were going to Tamaki college for sport I knew it was going to be so exciting and exhausting. When we got there we had to go into the gym and get into teams of ten. Our team went first  our team leaders were  lilly’ magee and jaylim. I was wondering there all girls.

When we went out said we did a blind  fold obstacle course my partner was studamyer. We had to climb’ jump and feel all over. It was so difficult  it felt  like playing in the desert . After that we had a doggie battle we all had a turn. In the final round  Starford and Jephte was chosen  because they really stand out it took them about 20 mins for them to say who one it was a hard chose . So lilly said “they both win” the reward was going to be a king size chocolate bar.

Then we went out onto the field and played octopus it was so funning because some of us kept on falling over. I was the third to last person to get in. I said to myself “I think I am dehydrated”. And the game was a bit frustrating because people kept saying there not in but there were.

It was time to go back inside it was so awesome with them at least everyone was co-operating together and I really had a good time I hope we come back.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp Highlights-Day 1

On Monday it was going to be an AMAZING day because we had camp. first we had to take our bags to the hall. After that we went to go and put on our togs to go kayaking with Miss Tele’a and Mr Burt. When we got there I just could not help my self. I could spirit off and jump in a kayak and paddle as fast as I could. But Mr Burt said "go sit on the sad and I will tell yours the rules" Then we could go. When I got on I had to do one leg in then my bum then the other leg that what Mr Burt said or if you what to fall over.

The waves sound like airplanes flying over the sky and there sound like slaps on your face when it hit the Kayak. After that Mr Burt said we could jump off the huge rocks that were there. It was so fun first I did a V bomb then a cannonball when I landed in the water it felt nice and refreshing. It was just about to rain so we had to pack up and leave but it was still fun.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Tenpin blowling

In the holidays I went to Tenpin Bowling. I went with my aunties and with my cousin too.
First I had to sit down .I which my cousin go first. Then it was my turn I got six pins down. I had one more turn I got four pins down I got a shear. I went to go and play some racket games.
It was so cool. The first game I played was you had to use a hammer to whack cazy fogs head down. I won ten tickets. After that game I played a game that you had to stop a light on a number I stop it on 500 I won 500 tickets. I went to the ticket machine I had 1,582 tickets. I went to the prise capit I got a bowling ball. I had a good time.