Friday, June 8, 2012

My friends repost

 Well I have just read my story it has so many errors so this is are repost of my story.

My friends are the best, they will do anything to make me safe when I am in trouble they help me not to get in trouble again. When you need help your friends are always there no matter what.
I have a really great friend, his name is Raihan he helps me in class. Sometimes I say I am better then him at drawing but I'm not. Mostly every day we go and play soccer for fun after that we go and jump over things around the school. Raihan and I are in the same class, room 18 our teacher is Mr barks.Raihan and I are in the same soccer team Papatoe dragons last week I score a goal same as Raihan too. Raihan and I walk around the school sometimes he is a bit of a joker, like this What's Jackie Chan favorited drink? WATER . Well now you know about my friend.

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  1. Hi Carlos,
    That was a really cool story about your best friend. I was in room 18 last year. Hope you write more about our friend.



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