Monday, March 25, 2013

Harakeke ( flax)

Last week, Room 19 had a good opportunity to go to Omaru Creek to pick harakeke which means flaxs to make Putiputi  (flower). As we were walking down to Omaru Creek I could smell the fresh air and hear the birds.  I could see all kinds of tree’s  there were roots everywhere and  flax busher’s that went all the way down to the creek.   

When we got to Omaru we sat down and Miss tito told us the rules for using flax. Miss tito said if there's three that are together is the main part because the in the middle of the three is a baby that should not be cut because if it is cut the whole bush dies.

I went to go and cut my flax. I went back and sat down after everyone had finish. We walk back to school. I really wanted to go and make a putiputi but I went to the library I hope I can do it next time.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Tuakana Teina Reading from Jaybz on Vimeo.

For the past 3 weeks on Tuesday, Room 19  went to our library at school to have a chance to read to the younger or they read to us. So we named it Tuakana/Teina Tuakana means older brother or sister Teina means younger brother or sister. As room 9 were waiting for us to arrive they had to find a book that would interest us . 

My partner is Ben his favorite book that he likes reading is The Amazing Adventures of Zac Powers. The reason we were reading to room 9 was to get to know and encourage to read and that it is fun.The Amazing Adventures of Zac Powers is all about being a spy and how hard it can be. Every time we read a book i’ll read a page and then Ben would. Ben was a pretty good reader. After reading a whole book we would have a game of I Spy I all ways that him win so it is fear.

I had fun reading to Ben can’t want for next week. Room 9 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

School Picnic

On a breezy cold day, Pt England school went for a nice relaxing picnic at Pt England Reserve. As we walk from school to the reserve all I could hear were waves smashing into the rocks and goose bumps apearing on my arm. When we got to to the reserve Mr Burt told us to find a place were we were going to eat. I sat with my friends Raihan, Anthony and Mohammed.

We found a great place to sit we sat right by the beach. Out of everything the first we did was have some lunch I had a nice apple and a pizza bread yum yum yum. I could not wait to get sand in my toes when we got on the sand my friend said want to play long jump it was cool. As we were flying in the air I really wanted to go for a swim.

Class by class it went I was so hot I could live in ice. We played soccer, tag and free running.
in free running i was jumping over thing and doing tricks. I did a trick called 360.
After that I went for a swim I was bombing of the rocks it was so cool.

Well it was time to go back to school. I had fun.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Protection Carlos and Mohammed

Protection is all about protecting  yourself and others. Silence will not protect you.
Protection is if your friend is getting bullied you help them and help yourself at the same time. Protection is like using your W.I.T.S Walk away,  ignore it, talk about it, seek out. Protection can be used in very different ways like on a bike if you want protection on a bike were a helmet and   protection in a car make it CLICK.

Protection can be all over the world