Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The world's fastest man Jesse Owens

The world's fastest man Jesse Owens came from 1932 through 1934.He became the first man to win the NCAA 200 m title three times consecutively. NCAA stands for  National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)  Again in the 100 meters at the 1936 Summer Olympics, placing second to Jesse Owens. In 1936 Jesse Owens became the first American to win four Olympic gold ... His name and achievements in sprinting have earned him the media ... Usain Bolt is also, widely considered "The Fastest Man who Ever Lived. But then he ended his career by dieing at the age of 66 from lung cancer. Jesse Owens was born September 12, 1913, in Oakville, Alabama. In high school, he won three track and field events at the 1933 National Interscholastic championships. Two years later, while competing for Ohio state University, he equaled one world record and broke three others. WE WILL REMEMBER HIM AS THE FASTEST MAN IN THE WORLD

Friday, July 20, 2012

Being Back At School

After the holidays finished and it was time for school I was wondering what our topic was for this term. When I was told,it was GO FOR GOLD, I was so surprised because it was all about the Olympics. The Olympics is all about people all around the world going to one place to do challenges. As you know this year, the Olympics are in London were the royal Queen lives.

When we sat down I saw Mr J in a S.W.A.T. costume. It looked so cool . After that we sat down and watch the movies that the teachers had made. My favorite one was Lights Out Lavakula. Because my teacher Mr Barks went on the stage and had a boxing match  with her. Our teacher total  lost his lights and finished with a big laugh from all the kids in the front.

The thing that I enjoy about the most was that I was back at school to learn and play games. When I first got to school I jump on to the computer and did my maths whizz for the day.Thank you for reading this and hope you comment on my blog.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

London 2012 Olympic rings

Today when I was coming to school I was thinking what our topic was this term when I heard that it was GO FOR GOLD I was so stock because it was all about the Olympic. The Olympics are celebrated every four years for well set ethlick that has practice for the exhausted

challenges. I know everything about the rings. The five rings represent the five major regions of the world. Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Every national flag in the world includes at least one of the five colors, which are from (left to right) blue, yellow, black, green, and red. The creator of the olympics rings is Baron Pierre. The five Olympic rings colors represent five countries. On behalf of Europe blue, yellow on behalf of Asia, black Africa representatives,on behalf of Australian grass green red and representatives of the Americas.

My goal for this term is that I have to get faster because I am so slow I am always losing at running with my friends that is why I want to get faster. My dream is to go to the olmpic to run the 1500 M run