Friday, September 7, 2012

My Amazing Weeks At Tech Repost

On every Tuesday, we have an exciting day at Tamkin College. Every year 7 is always looking forward to tech, there is food, woodcraft and electronics. When We first heard we where going to tech ohh man I just wanted to dash down the road and I was so happy I was Jumping so high. LET,S GO  LET,S GO shouting from the top of my head. I wonder what one I'm going to be in frist. I hope it is going to be woodcraft no even better food all of the cake the chocolate on your mouth I could imagine it now.

I reckon the best one we were in was food because we made something every week and it was so nice. Miss Heka was our food teacher,  We were going to make hot cakes hot cakes is like little pan cakes. YUM YUM YUM as my stomach started to rumble. When we were making it  I couldn't wait. I could just eat the dow I was so hunger. After we made it we had to sprinkle chocolate on it. It was so so yum it melt in my mouth it was like a chocolate angles dancing on my mouth.

The nexts one I was in was woodcraft or teacher was Mr Gurnd he was a very strict teacher. We had a choice of a lot of things to make I made a truck. It was so awesome in his class I got a score of 5 that was the highest mark in the class.When it was the last week of class I made me a little sigh that said woodcraft rocks and it look so cool my hand felt very sore after the hard work

The last one was electronics we just changed last week we got told what we could use and not use it is so cool at tech

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