Friday, August 23, 2013


Every Thursdays from the starting of term 3 Room 19 went to basketball training.“Yes we're going to basketball” I said to my friend Silas next door to me when we were walking.
As I saw the basketball court I was just about to run down to our teacher and hug but didn't really want to.

We went to practice bouncing,handling and how to do awesome tricks. Every time we go to basketball we practice jump stop. One of my favourite things to do at basketball was a game called King Of The Count. To play King Of The Court you have to start in a small circle and try backhand the other person ball out of the circle.

The first week we had basketball I was so surprised when Mrs Lagitupu took us to the court to play basketball. I was happy. The first thing we did was play a warm up game. We play octopus, as I was zooming down the court I notices that  everyone was in but four of my classmates. I got tag first out of them but it was a cool game.

As we were leaving basketball we said a good thank you to our basketball teacher and went back to class. “Today was great” I said  can’t wait for next week.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie Reflection

Neo, Calvin and I made a movie about what we loved. Our movie was so awesome because we had very good graphics and it was interesting. When I was watching it I felt like jumping off my seat and do those things. We could have done more on our background. I reckon that we should have had more music so it was entertaining.

Our Movie

Thursday, August 1, 2013

1980's And 2013

          1980’s EventsIn 1980’s, the Americans boycotted (Protest ) the Moscow Olympics because of what happen in December 27th 1979. In 1979, Russia invaded Afghanistan. They invaded because they wanted more land and power.

Music in 2013

Over the last 2 decades of years, music has change a lot from the 1970’s of disco and the 1980’s of the jackson 5. Since then the music today has got its own style to it. Have you noticed that every song we listen to today either have Rap, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop or Techno in it.
We even have new styles like Dubstep, (It is an electronic song with lots of bass and beats) .
top 3 songs of 2013 so far.
1. Radioactive (by Imagine dragons)
2. get lucky (by Daft punk ft Pharrell Williams
3. Treasure (by Bruno Mars)