Friday, March 30, 2012

Tamaki college

On friday Mr Barks told us we were going to Tamaki college for sport I knew it was going to be so exciting and exhausting. When we got there we had to go into the gym and get into teams of ten. Our team went first  our team leaders were  lilly’ magee and jaylim. I was wondering there all girls.

When we went out said we did a blind  fold obstacle course my partner was studamyer. We had to climb’ jump and feel all over. It was so difficult  it felt  like playing in the desert . After that we had a doggie battle we all had a turn. In the final round  Starford and Jephte was chosen  because they really stand out it took them about 20 mins for them to say who one it was a hard chose . So lilly said “they both win” the reward was going to be a king size chocolate bar.

Then we went out onto the field and played octopus it was so funning because some of us kept on falling over. I was the third to last person to get in. I said to myself “I think I am dehydrated”. And the game was a bit frustrating because people kept saying there not in but there were.

It was time to go back inside it was so awesome with them at least everyone was co-operating together and I really had a good time I hope we come back.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp Highlights-Day 1

On Monday it was going to be an AMAZING day because we had camp. first we had to take our bags to the hall. After that we went to go and put on our togs to go kayaking with Miss Tele’a and Mr Burt. When we got there I just could not help my self. I could spirit off and jump in a kayak and paddle as fast as I could. But Mr Burt said "go sit on the sad and I will tell yours the rules" Then we could go. When I got on I had to do one leg in then my bum then the other leg that what Mr Burt said or if you what to fall over.

The waves sound like airplanes flying over the sky and there sound like slaps on your face when it hit the Kayak. After that Mr Burt said we could jump off the huge rocks that were there. It was so fun first I did a V bomb then a cannonball when I landed in the water it felt nice and refreshing. It was just about to rain so we had to pack up and leave but it was still fun.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Tenpin blowling

In the holidays I went to Tenpin Bowling. I went with my aunties and with my cousin too.
First I had to sit down .I which my cousin go first. Then it was my turn I got six pins down. I had one more turn I got four pins down I got a shear. I went to go and play some racket games.
It was so cool. The first game I played was you had to use a hammer to whack cazy fogs head down. I won ten tickets. After that game I played a game that you had to stop a light on a number I stop it on 500 I won 500 tickets. I went to the ticket machine I had 1,582 tickets. I went to the prise capit I got a bowling ball. I had a good time.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Carlos Spencer fight's for his Life


Former All Black Carlos Spencer is fighting for his live. It is amazing how someone in their mid to late 30s is able to be in such great shape. In fact, he looks in better shape than he did when he was playing rugby. He is fighting Life against former league player Awen Guttenbeil. If Carlos Spencer wins he will have a one on one fight with Sonny Bill Williams.