Monday, December 16, 2013


Being in room 19 has been a wonderful opportunity for me to make new friends.  It has been a good year having a fun and creative teacher Ms Tito. This year i have made many friends and have had lots of fun.  One of my friends name is Raihan, he is now my best friend.

I will miss my friends when I carry on my learning at college.  I will miss what they have done for me. I hope I will see them in the future. Have a fun and cool life to all the year 7 and teachers.

I will also miss our wonderful teachers and teacher aids. It has been wonderful knowing all of these teachers and what they do for us.  I will miss everyone thank you for being kind to me.

I will miss everything and everyone in the school. I hope this school will carry on to make dreams and hopes come true thank you Teachers.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Camp Keswick

On Tuesday was going to be awesome day for the year 8 it was camp day. As all year 8 pack the bus we boarded the bus. It was a long ride into we got to camp but it was worth it. We meet a man Rob he was the boss. We headed inside to unpack and get ready for our first thing.

We had to go a for hike up a bush walk. My feet were aching when I got half way rocky and dusty path it was like hell. I finally got to the top it was all downhill from here lucky my feet was going to fall off.

One of my favorite things to do was the luge and the Geyser. I like the luge because it was my first time and is was fast. When I was racing down the hill I past Richard it was so fun.

The Geyser was my favorite because it look interesting at it shoots boiling hot water in the air. The only bad thing was it smell really bad but it was a cool camp.Thank you teachers.  

Carlos's Netbook Reflection

It has been a good opportuning having a netbook this year. When I did not have a netbook I didn’t really know my maths. Into I got a netbook. I have search strategies to help, now I am one of the best mathematician in our class. I have also learn about pi and why it is involved with maths.

Our netbook have also helped me with reading,art,writing and many more. Instead of reading normal books I have been reading online books.One of my favorite site is Kiwi News because it tell us kids what is going on in world and why.

At home when my brother Vincent was bored I jumped on my netbook and showed him a cool clip on how play dough can make a light bot work. We bought the stuff to make it and went back online to watch how to make it.

Our teacher has always told us to be purple cow (stand out of others). Mrs T has also told us to think outside of box and you will become more better than before. My friend Anthony has always been a purple cow that is why he always stands out.

I have learned from my friend Anthony how to  sow a ripped couch. It has help me in life. I have helped him by recording his movies and editing it to. We have come good friend and will always have each others back.

My thinking have become better and better because of our netbooks. It has also hit top of the class.Thank you Mrs and Mr Burt for our net book.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Former president of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela has died of age. He was born in July 18th 1918 and sadly died on December the 6th. Nelson will be known as the best man in the 20th century. He grew up with 13 brothers and sisters 4 brothers and 9 sisters.

Nelson Mandela celebrated his 90th birthday in his retirement home in Qunu close by where he was born.Nelson Mandela has made many hopes and dream come true. He has also become a hero,leader and many more names. Hundreds of people around the world believe in Nelson Mandela and his beliefs.He has tried to stop racism and unfairness.

Nelson Mandela was sentenced 27 years in prison for believing that black and white people could be together. He was in a small cell and had to use the floor for a bed, a bucket for a toilet. Nelson was forced to do hard labour for part of his sentenced.

For part of the sentenced he only could have one visitor a year for 30 mins. He could write and receive a letter every 6 months. Everyday he was in they more people started to believe in him he was becoming a leader even in prison.

After 27 years he has become stronger and better than before. He has changed the ways now everyone is in peace. R.I.P Nelson Mandela.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Highlights This Year

My best highlights 2013 is Film festival because we got to go and have a chance to watch other schools movie it was awesome because I sat by my friends and have a great time. When we were watching the big screen I could see some of my mates talking on the stand.

Fiafia was one of my best highlights because we could show off to our partners and have fun.
I was in hip hop for Fiafia we had to wear army clothes it was cool. We had to practice everyday
into we had it. We dance to Mack And More

My Last highlights was being in Miss Tito class we have had lots of fun this year. It was cool being in her class because we always did art and creative things. I will miss my classmates because it is my last year.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Kia ora koutou
(Greetings to you all )

Kua hui mai nei
(Who have gathered here )

Ki tenei kura
(To this school)

i te aroha
(The love)

Ka nui te koa
( Great is happiness)

Mo to koutou manawanui
( For your dedication)

Ki te haere mai
(In coming)

Ki te awhina
( To support / help)

i te reo Maori
( The Maori language)

E pa ana ki tenei kura
(Concerning this school)

Friday, November 1, 2013

First Day Of School

The darkness turned to light as the sun shone through the crack between the curtains “It’s morning,” I shouted. I jumped out of bed and sped down the hallway leaving burn marks on the carpet. I jumped on mom's bed like a bomb landing, waking her up with a fright and shouted, “Time for school”. Struggling to get my uniform on, my head got stuck in my sleeve. I ran to the car and belted my self in. First day of school here I come.

I skipped into class and hugged my mum goodbye. I looked up and saw her first tear drop.  “You’re’ finally going to school,” she said tearfully. Through the doors I saw my brother in his class having fun. I thought in my head, “Thats going to be me.”  As I stood shyly at the door my teacher welcomed me to the class and told me his name. “My name is Mr Mcnal,” he told me in a very nice voice.

After a day filled with drawing, playing with lego, playing sea monsters in the playground and making creations with playdough, school was over. As I looked out the window I saw Mum arriving.  I jumped up with excitement and  ran outside to tell my mum everything. As it was a long way home I dozed off in a dream and my mum slipped me into bed. “He had must have a good day” she said.