Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Hobbies

        My hobbies are car's, dirt bikes and motor bikes I only like them because they go really fast and that I like to find out what is the main parts of them. My favourite car is a black and red Bugatti. Did you know Bugatti cars are one of the faster's car's in the world. It has over 750 hoses power just in one car.The people that made these car's must use over 5 million dollers just on one car. But it is kind of woth it.

     Now on to the dirt bike my best one I kown was a honda it is a bit fast but it is good at jumping. I like dirt bikes because the sound of the bike sounds like a strom that is go to happen. when my dad was 24 he had his own his old bike that's why I want one for myself and this my story about my hobbies.

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