Friday, August 31, 2012

Prize Giving

On Saturday I woke up  with a chummy chum smile on my face it was Prize Giving today as I smiled. I dashed to the washing line and tagged my track suit off. Ten minutes to go my nana diver me there I run upstairs just in time I said. There were about 50 people there even my old teacher from school Mr Lamer. It went the under 6 first then the under 7,10,11 then the under 12 I was in the under 12.

I was so scare that I was biting my nails half way off. It was making it’s way thru the list finally they said mind. I ran up to the stage and shake my cocher hand. Then it was time for the jowthors I got most improved player I was so happy I was saying in my head O HE O HA O HA
We had to wait for a little time to eat

As I went outside my coach said time to eat it was so yum there were I had a choice of ice cream potato gayer pork duck it was so nice I had about 5 plants I know I should be  fat about now. After that it time to go I was looking forward for a sleep and I did

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Amazing Birthday

I was woken up with excitement, then my mum emerged out of the kitchen and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY! I was so happy, I ran down the hallway and yelled it’s my birthday O YEAH AHA AHA!. I was finally 12 years old. Then I got ready for school, after school it was a wonderful day so I went home and got ready for my birthday. As people came in there said happy birthday to me “Time for ice cream my mum said”

YUM Ice cream when my mum said we were going to make  ice cream my tummy started to ramble.Well when we were waiting my mum gave me a big bag with biscuits I had to smash it into smithereens . That was for our ice cream. By one by one my nana gave people scoops of ice cream. I was the last one but I didn't mined.

When my 
nana gave me a scoop of ice cream it was so big then I found out I had to put it on my hands. It felt like my hands being in a iceberg. After I got my ice cream I had to go outside to go and put some smash biscuits on it. There was different sized ice cream then some of my ice cream dripped through my fingers. “SO SO SO cold as I yelled” but then my brother Vincent put ice cream on my head it was not funny. That ice cream was so yum I had some more.

I went scavenging for more but there was none at the end of that their was shattered biscuits pieces everywhere. Then my mum gave me my prized to me I got new shoes from my nana and from my mum I got some money. As well it was a good day.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Olympic Sports

The thing I like about the Olympics that in my family we all sit in one place and which it like a family. My favorite sport in the Olympics is weight lifting because I like to see who is stronger than others   and how much their lift. Weight lifting  was made at 1906) from the finder himself José Alvalade. They even had a football stadium named after him. It was built in 2003 6 of August at Lisbon, Portugal. It cost over 105 millions of dollars. The Olympics happen every four years the last Olympics were on my birthday August the 8.
My second one I like is the 1500m run the one who was the fastest in the world was but he died of lung cancer. The one who is the fastest in the world now is Usain Bolt now.
                                       Thank You For Reading This

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life Ed Bus

On Friday we went to the life E.D bus, Before we did anything we said hello to the life ed bus owner and her name is Lyn. We talked about how smoking is bad for you. We watched a video of a girl that let her friends get her into smoking and take advantage of her. After that we had a game where we had to pick a county to go to, I picked Australia. When we finished we answered some questions about what we did when there was consequences. 
They also taught us how there could be good or bad consequences in your life.

There is 85% of teenagers in the world that start smoking in the age of 15. When you smoke it can go in your lungs to your brain and give you lung cancer. That's why if your mum or dad is smoking around you, say, go smoke some where ales. Then we talk about which dugs are legal in New Zealand

To finish it of Lyn let Harold sing a song it was so interesting and awesome. When it had finish we said bye to Lny and went back to class how great was that I said to my self. When we got back to class I write this pices.