Monday, August 27, 2012

My Amazing Birthday

I was woken up with excitement, then my mum emerged out of the kitchen and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY! I was so happy, I ran down the hallway and yelled it’s my birthday O YEAH AHA AHA!. I was finally 12 years old. Then I got ready for school, after school it was a wonderful day so I went home and got ready for my birthday. As people came in there said happy birthday to me “Time for ice cream my mum said”

YUM Ice cream when my mum said we were going to make  ice cream my tummy started to ramble.Well when we were waiting my mum gave me a big bag with biscuits I had to smash it into smithereens . That was for our ice cream. By one by one my nana gave people scoops of ice cream. I was the last one but I didn't mined.

When my 
nana gave me a scoop of ice cream it was so big then I found out I had to put it on my hands. It felt like my hands being in a iceberg. After I got my ice cream I had to go outside to go and put some smash biscuits on it. There was different sized ice cream then some of my ice cream dripped through my fingers. “SO SO SO cold as I yelled” but then my brother Vincent put ice cream on my head it was not funny. That ice cream was so yum I had some more.

I went scavenging for more but there was none at the end of that their was shattered biscuits pieces everywhere. Then my mum gave me my prized to me I got new shoes from my nana and from my mum I got some money. As well it was a good day.

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