Thursday, June 28, 2012

Immortal vs God

                  Chapter 1
       Birth Of An Immortal God
Years and years ago lived a peaceful world of immortals and gods. Immortals lived up in the castle of Olivia, the cloud lord. The gods lived  on the earth that Lord Axe owned. One day, the lords made a law that said that no immortals or gods could be together  for  eternity. However, there was one couple that could not stand that law ,so they stayed together. Their names were Occult and Stacy. One day, Occult and Stacy had a child and they called him Troy. Occult was worried! Troy was very sick with influenza and his parents were afraid he might die. Stacy cried, and cried, and cried. But reader, Troy did not die, and this is his story.  
                                           Chapter 2
                      The death of Occult

10 years later
Dong dong “time for a god and an immortals meeting” said the guard's. Before for occult went, he ask one of their friends what is the meeting about? His friend Jourd said “there’s one couple that is together one of them are an god and the other is an immortals I hate immortals”he said.Occult was a bit worried but he still went.Once all of the gods and immortals all line up,there started to talk about
!scream Olivia, the cloud lord one of yours over lord pigs have broken the law you will die who was it tell  me now or  you will submit to your death. Occult new if he did not tell ,other people will get killed all  because of him. Occult stand it up “I am the pig that broke  the law kill me just don’t hurt them” said Occult. “what a brave man” said lord Olivia. Put him in the locks. We kill at the nic of noon. “You should be ashamed of yourself” said someone from the back. “Now all  the thing you have to do now is to tell me who is the other one” said lord Olivia. NEVER he said.
Well hope you go straight to hell .17 hours later  BRRRRRRRR BRRRRRRR morning everyone up now time for the execution chop his head. CHOP CHOP CHOP from the crowd. When Occult was going to die Stacy and troy was at home filling with tears, and troy was anger he pulled his dad sword out that he had been working on all these years for him. “I will revenge you farther!” said troy the son of Occult Drop the “wait don’t kill him put in the dangan for his whole life” said lord Olivia.
                                            chapter 3
           Revenge of Occult

    15 years later
smash smash smash “how long do I have to hit this” said Luke “into its straight” said troy.We want a great battle. When troy got brought up he had a childhood friend Luke. They were best friends.Luke mother was taken by lord  Olivia one day Luke said do his father “I Luke your son will burn that overlord dark devil” said Luke. Well the next day Luke got together and join Troy with their quest
They planned a war for years. When they both grow up they found some friends who ales fathers and mothers who had got taken from the evil hog. They were 123 of brave men, who want revenge to their fathers and mothers.Olivia will submit to her death! seram troy we will  chop her head off and put it on a spare.YAAAAAAAAAAAA. As night noon troy and the rest hide behind the great mountain of  legend.  We shall be known for this. For your family for the people out there who got hunt down and  slaved  Olivia you shall suffer to their death.
Many brave men died, this was the great troy battle troy and luke got their mother and fathers back,  and only 52 men got their mothers and fathers back and shall the 71 men that died rest in peace.

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