Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lost In The Wild

No food, and stuck in this overloaded pig cage. I need fresh water to survive. Have to find a way to NOT die. As shadows creep across the vines, noises scream in the distance. I have to get out of here. Time to search for somewhere high to camp, DON’T want to be dinner for those that live here.


Can everyone board the  plane please it is time for take off. “Come on son time for a new start” said Christopher. As his son William skip into the plane he was thinking about the new life living in  Canada. The plane went flashing off the ground “goodbye New York”( half hour later) William was looking out of the window “dad it doesn't look good” out there as William warned.
This is your caption here please sit down we have hit a storm. Sit back and relax. As the plane was trying to fly thru the storm cloud one of the engine's on the plane got hit by a flashing bolt of lighting everyone we are going to have a hard landing sit back please.

Only five people survive the cash and it brought horror to all of them. As people struggled to drag themselves out of the flame Christopher was lifting parts of the plane to find William as he was trying to find William two men came and help him “my name is James and my name is Max what some help” they said yes please Christopher said crying. When James was lifting he heard some noise coming from under the front. HELP HELP it was the captain thanks “have you seen a little boy” said Christopher no but a boy fell out of the plane when we cash.

Christopher went looking for his son he was running for hour’s as he started to walk it look like he had given up in too he saw.

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED     





Wednesday, November 14, 2012


                                Years ago on 1976, There was once was someone called  James, he really good at High jump until he got injured from one of his jumps he did over the pool. James was only 18 when he hurt himself from when he sprang off the ground to land on the mat.

After 3 year was gone James deceased that he would get back into High Jump. It took him along time to get the technique back together. James took about seven months to become a pro After winning and winning he finally went to the finals.

As his family and friends was shouting his name GO GO GO JAMES, GO. All the presser was on him this is his chance to win the semi finals. If he wins this, he will be his way to pro.

But all of a sudden, He felt something wrong with him. James went to the Medical, They said, OH!  there a problem in your leg what he said as he was hoping he could still compete in the finals.

James yawed “ that he would never give up, I CAN DO IT!” It was his turn, the crowd cheer for him. GO James! With a lot of pressure, james ran and jump. Everyone was silent, what a surprise, he made it, “OMG I made it” claimed James.

As he walk on podium and was presented his shiny gold medal. What achievement he has done. The crowd clap for he had did.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Footsteps in the sand

Snowflake swinging through the sky. “BRRRRRRRR”, replied Sherman breathing heavily.

“ I'm surely looking forward to that honeymoon” , Sherman pointed out to his wife.

As he and his wife, Olivia, were boarding a plane.

Them 2 were thinking of the bright unclouded beach, the beautiful sand and all the rest and relaxation that they were about to have. The minute Sherman was strolling through the sand he looked around and saw that there was not a cloud in sight.

While Sherman was climbing up the great mountain of sunset he stop and looked at the amazing sun going to sleep behind the mountain. while he was dazzling at the sun set he suddenly remembered that he had left Olivia behind.

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME !!! Hinted Olivia HELP HELP as Sherman was at the nice and harmful beach and Olivia was at China.

Sherman took the first plane to china and tried to find his one of a kind wife. He found her nearby and took her home and she said this is the only honeymoon I need.

Him and his wife promise to never leave each others back any more.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Lost And Found Beach

It all started in 1998 as more and more people got lost in the so called beach so they named the beach lost and found.

Sun shining and no cloud in the sky,  as hard working dad, James and his son Tyson was going to beach... As soon as they got there, the first thing that dad and Tyson did was just laid down and relax.

On the next day they all unpack their stuff, and a random person came and walked along the sand.Tyson said “ hey you, what your name?”  

My name is Jack I just live across the road. I’m from a very large family, I grew up with my brother Nate and sister Aquata and our Mother and Father split up a while back when we were young.

Well early that day Jack and Tyson, were swimming at the beach, now they became really close mates. Tyson knew that he has forgotten something, but he just couldn’t figure it out.”let go and get change,” Exclaimed  Tyson.  

Tyson remember that he had to go and fix the water tank as him and Jack raced to his house. Tyson suddenly fell and smack his head on a rock. .His best mate Jack was calling for help as the house was filling with water.

HELP HELP said Jack When Tyson was laying in the sand he was dreaming that he was on the ground. WAKE UP  WAKE UP wept James. Come on time to go home James and Jack pick up Tyson took him home what a day everyone said.