Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Entry

Kia ora my name is Carlos Sankey I am a year 7 at Pt England school in New Zealand. I am in room 18 my teacher is Mr Barks. I was born in Auckland I am half Maori and half Australian.My favorite sport is cricket and soccer. I like to play rugby and soccer mostly and school. My best friends are Studamyer, Dillon and Jesiah. I play mostly every sport at school.

I have played for a rugby team called MT Wellington I got player of the year my best friend in my team is Chris he was good like me. My Aunty was the manager of my team.
When I first played I was a bit shy. We won 15 to 5 I was so happy.

The only team I have played for cricket it was the team for my school. It was so cool we came first. Our team had to go in to two teams because we had to many people. Aid my friends were so good they were better then me but it was fun.

When I played soccer I first had to sit on the side line for my turn to go on the field. When I went on to p
lay I past the to Raihan and he score a goal. I got player of the day. But when I was playing I hut myself so I went home that was a good game.