Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lost In The Wild

No food, nothing at all, and stuck on this wasteland of an island. I need fresh water to survive. Have to find a way to NOT die. As shadows creep across the vines, noises scream in the distance. I have to get out of here. Time to search for somewhere high to camp, DON’T want to be dinner for those that live here.


All aboard the plane please it is time for take off. “Come on son time for a new start” said Christopher. As his son William skipped onto the plane he was thinking about the new life living in Canada. The plane went flashing off the ground “goodbye New York” (half hour later) William was looking out of the window “dad it doesn't look good out there” as William warned.
This is your captain here please sit down we have hit a storm. Sit back and relax. As the plane was trying to fly through the storm cloud one of the engine's on the plane got hit by a flashing bolt of lighting everyone we are going to have a hard landing sit back and remain calm.

Only five people survived the cash, it brought horror to all of their families, As people struggled to drag themselves out of the flames, Christopher was lifting parts of the plane to find William. As he was trying to find William two men came out of nowhere and help him “my name is James and my name is Max, you look like you could use some help” he said. “Yes please” Christopher said crying. When James was lifting he heard some noises coming from under the front. HELP HELP! it was the captain “Thanks...” “have you seen a little boy?” said Chris but a boy fell out of the plane when we cashed.

Christopher went looking for his son he was running for hour’s as he started to walk it look like he had given up until...

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED