Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Life ( REPOST)

It all started when I was born on the 8.8.2000 I was warm as a apple pie my mum made me a book when I first knew I was alive I was so happy I loved my mum and my family.In my life I have four brothers and one sister, my mum is a hard worker my dad I haven't seen for five years .I have had a great time with my family the most have cared about is my mum and my grandma.  On my 5th birthday I had my best friends over my house I got a toy truck it was so cool.
On my 10th birthday I got some money and some cool shoes.

Every year we have an awesome time down in Huntly I have great friends and whanau. I had a horse her name was Jewels she won the huntly olympics day there were about 50 horses. But ...... we came first it was so wonderful I won a year time things from the shop and Jewels won year time of horse food it was so cool.

After that the most thing I like to do with my family is to have a good day at the beach sun shining and having a picnic. My grandma makes the best seafood chowder I can have about three bowls it is so nice. My dream is to go to London and have a nice lunch at the Eiffel tower meat veggies and some chocolate my favorite and with my family we will go to Italy and have a ride on a fairly it is going to be awesome.

Friday, September 21, 2012


On the way to school I was so excited that I could've jumped out of the car and dashed down the road. I felt like I could have beaten Usain Bolt. Want to know why I was so excited? It was social night!!! Our Social is when all the intermediate kids have an awesome night dancing and having fun with their friends. 

When I arrived outside of the school, the music sounded so slow and sad, BUT... when we got inside it started pumping the notes into my ears. I walked in and I could feel the beat making movements in my feet and then I started to fist pump.

As I was dancing my stomach started to rumble. I was so hungry that I could've eaten a whole pig. I started to get so thirsty that I could’ve swallowed a whole lake. After a short while I heard Mrs Tela’a say it was time to eat. “YES YES!” I shouted in my mind.

After I ate, it was time to party. Then I started to pump it. As I was jumping down it was time for the dougie battle and my friends Jephte, Nezinli and Mary competed. It was an awesome battle! Jephte came in with his set of moves and then Nez wads up and then finally Mary. It was cool, but there could only be one winner... Nezinli!

I was having so much fun. I reckon it was the best thing I have done but let me tell you, I was looking forward to some sleep. When I got home I jumped in my bed and fell asleep. It was an awesome night.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adams regains her gold( Repost)

Suddenly kiwi Valerie Adams who placed second at the London Olympics made her way to the top with the help of Nadzeya Ostapchuk the gold shot putter who was test for drugs and testing positive. Also had been banned from the olympics for four years and was banned from the next olympics at Beijing. Valerie Adams was more than proud to take the gold medal out of her hands.

Valerie Adams was stoak to hear she was the one who won. I reckon that if Nadzeya Ostapchuk did not take drugs she would've had a great time inseat lying to win that is not taking charge. The gold medal has been given to the international olympic committee ready to be given to kiwi Valerie Adams. Nadzeya was feeling so anger when she got caught there can only be one winner and senterly  is not her.

Between June 12 and July 18 year, Ostapchuk threw over 21m regularly, including a best of 21.58m and back-up throws of 21.39m and 21.13m.

Hope you enjoyed it

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Amazing Weeks At Tech Repost

On every Tuesday, we have an exciting day at Tamkin College. Every year 7 is always looking forward to tech, there is food, woodcraft and electronics. When We first heard we where going to tech ohh man I just wanted to dash down the road and I was so happy I was Jumping so high. LET,S GO  LET,S GO shouting from the top of my head. I wonder what one I'm going to be in frist. I hope it is going to be woodcraft no even better food all of the cake the chocolate on your mouth I could imagine it now.

I reckon the best one we were in was food because we made something every week and it was so nice. Miss Heka was our food teacher,  We were going to make hot cakes hot cakes is like little pan cakes. YUM YUM YUM as my stomach started to rumble. When we were making it  I couldn't wait. I could just eat the dow I was so hunger. After we made it we had to sprinkle chocolate on it. It was so so yum it melt in my mouth it was like a chocolate angles dancing on my mouth.

The nexts one I was in was woodcraft or teacher was Mr Gurnd he was a very strict teacher. We had a choice of a lot of things to make I made a truck. It was so awesome in his class I got a score of 5 that was the highest mark in the class.When it was the last week of class I made me a little sigh that said woodcraft rocks and it look so cool my hand felt very sore after the hard work

The last one was electronics we just changed last week we got told what we could use and not use it is so cool at tech