Monday, June 17, 2013

Literacy Rotation

This tearm at Pt England School the teachers from Team 5 have made an interesting rotation for the team 5 student. School has been starting at 8:30 for the year 7 and 8 students to have a chance to learn with each teacher an to learn new things.  We had a choice of four things such as visual arts, stop-motion film making, hyperstudio and literacy.

Last week my first session was visual art. Our teacher was Miss Tito. When we were doing art Miss Tito taught us a lot about kowhaiwhai and Maori words such as koru, pitoe, ponga and  kowhaiwhai,  which is a patten that is joined together.

I really enjoyed my time in visual art with Miss Tito. I really enjoyed art because it is my favourite subject. I learned many Maori words  from Miss Tito and pattens.

This week I am in literacy. As you might know, literacy is about reading and  writing. My teacher for literacy is Mrs Nua. Today was my first day doing reading - it was really interesting because we read things from the newspaper and played word games.

I feel that the new literacy rotation is really cool because it gives us time to work more and to lean more things.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cook Off

Jason was not like every other person out there his dream was to be a cook.He had practices for years. A competition was coming to the home town of New Zone. It was Jason turn to make a new life. He packed his bag and left before the sun hit noon. A man named Jake was was just like Jason he wanted to be a cook. He lock up the house and sat off for an adventure.

They both sign up. Hello I'm Jason, I'm Jake. As they read the sign up paper they found out you had to be in two. I guess I can’t go this year said Jake in a sadly voice.  Want a minute said Jason what about me a you. Great idea said Jake.

Jake and Jason made to the finals it was them and the other team. Jake and Jason made Seafood chowder it was great said all the judge's licking they mouths. The other team made burgers it looked so good. One mouthful at a time when the judge’s. One of them standed up. The winner of this year's cook off is........ JAKE AND JASON. YES they said.

League Training

Every Thursday room 19 go out to the field or hall for league practise it is really fun. We've been learning how to do 2 kicks grubber kick and punt, also learn how to catch in the right way. We play games before a practise session every time we go. The games that we like to play before our session is Octopus.

When we go to the hall I always can’t wait for league. I love playing games. I write about league every week. Can,t wait into Thursday.