Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Carlos's Netbook Reflection

It has been a good opportuning having a netbook this year. When I did not have a netbook I didn’t really know my maths. Into I got a netbook. I have search strategies to help, now I am one of the best mathematician in our class. I have also learn about pi and why it is involved with maths.

Our netbook have also helped me with reading,art,writing and many more. Instead of reading normal books I have been reading online books.One of my favorite site is Kiwi News because it tell us kids what is going on in world and why.

At home when my brother Vincent was bored I jumped on my netbook and showed him a cool clip on how play dough can make a light bot work. We bought the stuff to make it and went back online to watch how to make it.

Our teacher has always told us to be purple cow (stand out of others). Mrs T has also told us to think outside of box and you will become more better than before. My friend Anthony has always been a purple cow that is why he always stands out.

I have learned from my friend Anthony how to  sow a ripped couch. It has help me in life. I have helped him by recording his movies and editing it to. We have come good friend and will always have each others back.

My thinking have become better and better because of our netbooks. It has also hit top of the class.Thank you Mrs and Mr Burt for our net book.

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