Friday, November 1, 2013

First Day Of School

The darkness turned to light as the sun shone through the crack between the curtains “It’s morning,” I shouted. I jumped out of bed and sped down the hallway leaving burn marks on the carpet. I jumped on mom's bed like a bomb landing, waking her up with a fright and shouted, “Time for school”. Struggling to get my uniform on, my head got stuck in my sleeve. I ran to the car and belted my self in. First day of school here I come.

I skipped into class and hugged my mum goodbye. I looked up and saw her first tear drop.  “You’re’ finally going to school,” she said tearfully. Through the doors I saw my brother in his class having fun. I thought in my head, “Thats going to be me.”  As I stood shyly at the door my teacher welcomed me to the class and told me his name. “My name is Mr Mcnal,” he told me in a very nice voice.

After a day filled with drawing, playing with lego, playing sea monsters in the playground and making creations with playdough, school was over. As I looked out the window I saw Mum arriving.  I jumped up with excitement and  ran outside to tell my mum everything. As it was a long way home I dozed off in a dream and my mum slipped me into bed. “He had must have a good day” she said.  

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