Monday, June 17, 2013

Literacy Rotation

This tearm at Pt England School the teachers from Team 5 have made an interesting rotation for the team 5 student. School has been starting at 8:30 for the year 7 and 8 students to have a chance to learn with each teacher an to learn new things.  We had a choice of four things such as visual arts, stop-motion film making, hyperstudio and literacy.

Last week my first session was visual art. Our teacher was Miss Tito. When we were doing art Miss Tito taught us a lot about kowhaiwhai and Maori words such as koru, pitoe, ponga and  kowhaiwhai,  which is a patten that is joined together.

I really enjoyed my time in visual art with Miss Tito. I really enjoyed art because it is my favourite subject. I learned many Maori words  from Miss Tito and pattens.

This week I am in literacy. As you might know, literacy is about reading and  writing. My teacher for literacy is Mrs Nua. Today was my first day doing reading - it was really interesting because we read things from the newspaper and played word games.

I feel that the new literacy rotation is really cool because it gives us time to work more and to lean more things.

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