Monday, November 21, 2011

When I was at Camp Benzon My best thing was ab sailing because me and my friend Sails did not capsize. That was so cool. It was going so fast that my cheeks were over my head. After that we had morning tea it was a apple and some cookies. Then we did rafting we had to use dry wood to make a raft it has to be water proof and term work best look and presentation. We won by best term work best look and presentation. But not water proof the other term got water proof..

After that we had lunch we had rolls and potoe then we went swimming was so cold it was alike ice all over you I had to use a life jackit because it was to deep when I got on the wolf I did a v bom and a frontflip. I had to swim back and get in clean cloths. for dinner it was so nice I had some more and that was the first day

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  1. Hey Carlos

    This was pretty difficult to read. Have you read your work? Anyway your writing was alright. Keep up the good work.


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