Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mt Wellington pizegiveing

On September the 5th I went to my rugby club at Hamlin park. When we got there we had to go upstairs to listen to what they had to say. First they gave out the under 7 trophies. After they gave out the under 9 trophies it was my team next the under 11 bulldog’s. It was cool when I herd them say my name I was so happy for me .Well same was my na she was so happy with me after that they gave out the big cup. For forward of the year Carlos Sankey.Yes I got it I said . but I forgot one thing to tell your’s that we got a number for a prize I got number 36 it was good prize I won a phone. After that happen I when home and played on my bike.

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  1. man that must be cool were you the player of the day.


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